If you are at the stage when you are in need of more living space as your current space is simply just not large enough, then Wilson Ellis Building Services  could be the perfect solution for you.

Extending your home - A well designed and built extension provides you with living space which seamlessly blends into your house and instantly provides an increase in the properties overall value.

Complete start to finish service - We have all the necessary skills in order to handle your project from start to finish. From just one small phone call we can coordinate the whole project and provide  all services you need. From concept and design, to planning permission and installation we provide a complete service.

Free consultation visit -  From our initial enquiry we will visit your property and quickly determine the feasibility of your plans. Your specific requirements will be discussed with you and our professional advice given on the most suitable extension of your property.

Planning - If you agree to proceed our or your architect will draw up some draft plans in which we will be able to start to give a more detailed price towards the specification. Upon your approval of all these factors, the plans will then be submitted to your local authority for building regulations approval and planning permission.


Loft Extensions

Converting your loft into a practical living space is one of the easiest, cheapest and most efficient ways of increasing the value of your property.

In the current economic crisis some people can not afford to move to a larger property and for sentimental values may not want to. By having Wilson Ellis Building Services convert your old empty loft into a new liveable space provides the ultimate solution. We have the expert knowledge and mane experience to meet your exact requirements.

We can offer you the complete design to build package. Allow us to help you create your dream space using our imaginative and innovative ideas. Your loft can be fully customised to create perfect room for whatever your needs may be. E.g, bedroom, study, gym, bathroom.

Wilson Ellis Building Services provide many solutions to suit any budget and all works carried out are in compliance with local authority regulations.